Week 21: Green

formul8edphrase week 21 green 00

I didn’t think I had so many greens, since it’s not a color I like on my nails. I love it in eye makeup and clothing, since I have hazel eyes, but on nails it never looks right to me somehow. But after organizing my collection, I realized I have enough to do a monochromatic color block. This took some time to do, but I really like how it turned out.

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Week 15: Rainbow


Such an appropriate theme for this week! And while that wasn’t our thought when we planned this challenge (rainbow is one of the themes from the 31-day challenged Becca and I used as a template), this little bit of serendipity makes me smile. Hooray for another step for equality! If only the Voter Protection Act decision had been equally on target. *sigh*

Okay, back to nails.

Enough politics, show me the rainbow!