Week 15: Rainbow


Such an appropriate theme for this week! And while that wasn’t our thought when we planned this challenge (rainbow is one of the themes from the 31-day challenged Becca and I used as a template), this little bit of serendipity makes me smile. Hooray for another step for equality! If only the Voter Protection Act decision had been equally on target. *sigh*

Okay, back to nails.

rainbow 01

My poor nubbins.

First of all, I broke the nail on my middle finger popping the gas tank on my car. Sadly, I then tried to clip my other nails down so it didn’t look completely stupid, and went a little too far. So now I have nubs. Awesome. I originally planned to do this mani with stripes, but decided not to fiddle with laying striping tape on my poor short nails.

I started with a base of OPI’s My Vampire is Buff, that perfect vanilla base. I then added dots in rainbow colors, moving from light to dark across the nail. The full list is

  • OPI – St. Petersburgundy (dark red)
  • Julep – Jackie (bright red)
  • OPI – A Roll in the Hauge (darker orange)
  • Zoya – Arizona (orange)
  • Julep – Abbie (yellow)
  • Zoya – Josie (green)
  • Julep – Dianna (seafoam)
  • Squarehue – Ocean Drive (light blue)
  • essie – Bikini So Teeny (blue)
  • essie – Butler, Please (bright blue)
  • China Glaze – First Mate (navy)
  • Julep – Viola (dark purple)

You can see the full array, plus my blotting napkins and mixing palette (a CVS receipt with a strip of duct tape on it).

rainbow 03

Should I feel bad that I have more than enough colors to do this manicure?

I really like how this came out! Also, I finally figured out some of the settings on my camera, so hopefully I’ll be able to take clearer, more color-correct photos now.

rainbow 02

I need to practice making dots with my off hand; these are all over the place!

Next week: USA! Becca’s manis will eventually be up at Fishay Fishay.


Your thoughts?

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