Glitter Daze: Rainbow Bridge

I’m ambivalent about indie polishes. Some, like a-England, I think are on par with luxury brands, while others aren’t my cup of tea. I love looking at all the myriad glitter combinations and yet always wonder how such a look is actually wearable without looking like a teenager. But after seeing Glitter Daze‘s Rainbow Bridge featured on Chalkboard Nails, I decided to take the plunge and get my first indie glitter.

Glitter Daze Rainbow Bridge

Macro shot of the bottle

The creator of Glitter Daze recently lost her dog to cancer, and she created Rainbow Bridge in memorial. The Rainbow Bridge is a poem describing where departed pets go to wait to be reunited with their owners. I’ve lost several dogs in my life, but the most recent was only four years ago this week and highly traumatic. So when I saw this polish and read that all of the proceeds go to canine cancer research, I decided to purchase it for sentimental reasons.

The polish is rainbow colored hexes of various sizes and microglitter in a clear base. It also contains gold and silver holo stars. It’s really dense: one coat is a good coverage top coat, two is packed, and three would probably give full coverage. The glitters lie well on the nail and only took a bit of dabbing to arrange more or less evenly. The stars took a little fishing to distribute out over my nails, but they’re pretty ubiquitous in the bottle, so it wasn’t hard to find them. I layered Rainbow Bridge over OPI’s The Thrill of Brazil in this photo, but it would look good on all colors of the rainbow, black, and white. The glitters are really saturated and bright.

Rainbow Bridge 01

A macro shot so you can see the glitters clearly.

While I wasn’t initially a fan of this look, it’s grown on me over the past couple of days, and I think I’ll layer this polish over different colors to see which I like best. You can buy Rainbow Bridge and a number of other pretty glitter polishes at the Glitter Daze website. Many are sold in full size (15mL) or mini (4mL), so if you’re unsure about a polish, you can test it first. Rainbow Bridge and its companion, Browny Bear, are only available full size, since the money is all going to research. Browny Bear, with its pinks, golds, and browns, is actually more my style color-wise, but I just can’t wear pink hearts without feeling silly.

Glitter Daze is 4-free. Shipping and processing took about a week and a half. I think it’s really sweet that the creator was able to make something as a tribute to her pup, and I feel good about supporting this cause.

Gabranth was super-interested in this polish while I was doing my nails, but he’s super-interested in everything I’m doing that I don’t want his wet nose in. Anybody else have inquisitive pets? Tell me your pet stories in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Glitter Daze: Rainbow Bridge

  1. That polish is so pretty! I think it would look nice over plain, clear polished nails. It’s hard to lose a pet. When my family had to put our dog to sleep the vet gave us that same poem. It’s such a sad, beautiful poem.

    • I bet it would like nice as either a thin layer or a full coverage over plain nails. Chalkboard Nails swatched it over black, and that also looked really pretty.

      I’m so sorry you had to put your dog to sleep. It makes me feel a little better to think that my dear Shadow is waiting for me, and someday he and I and my current dog Gabranth and whoever else is my little guy in my life will all play together forever. In my heaven, I’ll be surrounded by doggies. 🙂

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