Week 32: Halloween


So my town does trick or treating the Saturday before Halloween, and as members of the Board of Trustees for my development, my neighbor and I give out candy and coffee at a station set up in front of our units. I had my face all done up with my new Too Faced A Few of My Favorite Things palette (OMG LOVE IT, OKAY?) and my fingers decorated with Dia de los Muertos sugar skull accent nails.

Trick or treat!


Week 31: Inspired by the Supernatural


I recently watched the Guillermo Del Toro movie Mama. Once I stopped trying to hide my face in my dog’s tummy, I noticed that all the movies that creep me out most feature big-eyed waify pale ghosts with lots of wild dark hair. That’s a trope used so often it’s cliche now, but never fails to freak me out. I used to train martial arts, and sometimes worked with a skinny girl with long, dark hair that she used to let just hang over her face. Because I outranked her, she had to line up behind me, and although she was really a sweet young woman, I would catch her out of the corner of my eye and get creeped out, especially since I had recently watched The Ring. Poor kid.

Omg get a scrunchie!

Week 27: Autumn

formul8edphrase.wordpress.com 27:autumn

Autumn is my favorite season. I’m lucky to live in New England, where the changing foliage is stunning and dramatic. Even on my daily commute to and from work over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed the previously green trees turning gorgeous shades of yellow, orange, red, and russet. I love the crisp bite to the morning air. Apples are my favorite fruit, caramel my favorite candy, and Halloween my favorite holiday. And the fall collections of nail polish are some of my favorite colors!

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Week 26: Jessica Lange


So Becca and I are big fans of American Horror Story. Each season tells a new tale of creepiness and woe, with some actors re-appearing in new incarnations. One of the major stars is Jessica Lange, an award-winning film and TV actress whose perfect portrayal of the selfish and murderous neighbor in season one, Murder House, won her an Emmy and made the show a must-see. In season two, Asylum, she held the plot together as a nun with a tragic incident in her past, trying to hold onto her sanity on a lunatic ward. With season three, Coven, starting in a couple of weeks, we decided to pay tribute to the actress who makes AHS unforgettable.

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