Week 28: Orange

formul8edphrase: 28 orange

This one came out better than I expected! I was inspired by this tutorial by mrcandiipants to do a stippled flower design in orange.

formul8edphrase.wordpress.com: orange stippled flowers 01

This design was much easier to do than it looks, although it was a little time consuming. I started with a base of Zoya Angelina, a dark brown that looks almost black. I then stippled, or dotted, vaguely flower-shaped designs in a variety of oranges. First, I used Zoya Arizona, a bright summer orange. Then I added a layer of OPI A Roll in the Hauge, which is a bolder orange. Finally, I dotted in China Glaze Riveting, from their Hunger Games collection, to add a little shimmer. I did leaves in Zoya Josie under Zoya Hunter. I think I also may have thrown in a yellow in the hearts of the flowers, but I can’t remember now what I used.

formul8edphrase.wordpress.com: orange stippled flowers 02

I love manicure designs that are purposefully a little messy and abstract (because I’m pretty bad at art), and for once I think I managed to do one that sort of looks like what it’s supposed to be. What do you all think?


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