Week 28: Orange

formul8edphrase: 28 orange

This one came out better than I expected! I was inspired by this tutorial by mrcandiipants to do a stippled flower design in orange.

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Gradient: Stormy Nails

Here in New England, the saying goes that if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes. I’ve waited five days for some sunshine, and there appears to be none in sight. I had some outside work to do that I put off because it looked like rain this morning; sure enough, it’s pouring down now like a monsoon. So I thought it would be a good day to do a stormy color design on my nails.

stormy 01

These are the color of the sky today. And yesterday, And presumably tomorrow.

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Week 15: Rainbow


Such an appropriate theme for this week! And while that wasn’t our thought when we planned this challenge (rainbow is one of the themes from the 31-day challenged Becca and I used as a template), this little bit of serendipity makes me smile. Hooray for another step for equality! If only the Voter Protection Act decision had been equally on target. *sigh*

Okay, back to nails.

Enough politics, show me the rainbow!

Week 12: Inspired by a Video Game


My first video game console was an Atari, and my cousins used to play the Smurfs game on it all the time. My one cousin lived with us for a few years when I was in grade school, and after we were supposed to be in bed, he would sneak into my room to play Ninja Gaiden on my Nintendo. My ex-boyfriend put Final Fantasy VII on my computer when he was rebuilding it before I went to college, and I got hooked. Another ex-boyfriend let me essentially crash in his dorm so I could play FFVIII on his PlayStation. Becca and I met through our love of Final Fantasy XII. And in tutoring a student on Brave New World this week, I explained that the Cyprus Experiment was an example of “we do what we must because we can” (the kid totally appreciated the reference).

I’m not a huge gamer, but I love the ones I’ve played. One of my favorites is Nintendo’s flagship RPG, The Legend of Zelda.

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SquareHue June: SoBe Collection (p1)

May’s SquareHue was a huge disappointment for me: three shades of pink, a color I hate. One a neon, which is tough to work with, one a frost, which is a finish I dislike, and one a creme, which is the only one I kept. So I was nervous about June’s SoBe (South Beach) collection.

I got it (and, like, four other nail polish packages — I have a problem!) earlier this week, and was deliriously happy when I opened the box and saw three colors I loved. The Silver Nail swatched it fast (she’s got great swatches of a variety of polishes on her site, along with breaking polish news like new collection press releases), so I thought instead of swatching it like I did with the Bloom Collection, I’d show some nail art I do with each color.


1st color: Lincoln Road

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