SquareHue June: SoBe Collection (p1)

May’s SquareHue was a huge disappointment for me: three shades of pink, a color I hate. One a neon, which is tough to work with, one a frost, which is a finish I dislike, and one a creme, which is the only one I kept. So I was nervous about June’s SoBe (South Beach) collection.

I got it (and, like, four other nail polish packages — I have a problem!) earlier this week, and was deliriously happy when I opened the box and saw three colors I loved. The Silver Nail swatched it fast (she’s got great swatches of a variety of polishes on her site, along with breaking polish news like new collection press releases), so I thought instead of swatching it like I did with the Bloom Collection, I’d show some nail art I do with each color.


1st color: Lincoln Road

The first color I unpacked was Lincoln Road, a lovely light grey creme. I don’t have anything like this in my collection, so I was thrilled. Application was a little tricky. The polish itself was a little goopy, while the light color led to streaks, so it took some patience to apply evenly, and I didn’t really manage to get that right. The SquareHue brush is a good size, but the bristles are rather stiff, which for me makes it more difficult to apply, especially lighter colors. But I added a little thinner, and if I take my time next time I use it, I’m sure it’ll be fine.

One of my favorite color combos is grey and blue (okay, anything and blue :D) and I wanted to play with the striping tape I’d recently purchased. I carefully applied striping tape in a little plaid pattern and painted over it with China Glaze’s First Mate, leaving an accent nail of the Lincoln Rd.



I got compliments from my students when I arrived at work, which always makes me happy. 😀

What do you think? Have you ordered from SquareHue and liked it or not?


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