Week 27: Autumn

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Autumn is my favorite season. I’m lucky to live in New England, where the changing foliage is stunning and dramatic. Even on my daily commute to and from work over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed the previously green trees turning gorgeous shades of yellow, orange, red, and russet. I love the crisp bite to the morning air. Apples are my favorite fruit, caramel my favorite candy, and Halloween my favorite holiday. And the fall collections of nail polish are some of my favorite colors!

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SquareHue August: Endless Summer Collection

I drove back home yesterday to find a note on my door saying my neighbor had taken in my packages (so nice of her! She didn’t know when I was coming home), so I spent the afternoon waiting breathlessly for her to get home from work. I had boxes from Skoshbox (review coming soon), Zoya, and SquareHue: I was in polish heaven for the night! So I have a lot of swatches for the next couple of weeks. 🙂

formul8edphrase squarehue 08-13

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Week 15: Rainbow


Such an appropriate theme for this week! And while that wasn’t our thought when we planned this challenge (rainbow is one of the themes from the 31-day challenged Becca and I used as a template), this little bit of serendipity makes me smile. Hooray for another step for equality! If only the Voter Protection Act decision had been equally on target. *sigh*

Okay, back to nails.

Enough politics, show me the rainbow!