SquareHue August: Endless Summer Collection

I drove back home yesterday to find a note on my door saying my neighbor had taken in my packages (so nice of her! She didn’t know when I was coming home), so I spent the afternoon waiting breathlessly for her to get home from work. I had boxes from Skoshbox (review coming soon), Zoya, and SquareHue: I was in polish heaven for the night! So I have a lot of swatches for the next couple of weeks. 🙂

formul8edphrase squarehue 08-13

The collection may be called “Endless Summer,” but it brings to mind the dog days shading into cooler autumn, perfect for August. These rich colors go perfectly with the last of that summer tan and the light sweater you start needing as you sit outside at night.

formul8edphrase squarehue 08-13 bottles

SquareHue Endless Summer collection

First up is Bikini Beach, a saturated sunshine yellow creme. I don’t know who at SH loves yellow so much, but this is maybe the fifth one I’ve gotten from them. I like yellow, but it doesn’t like me, so while I like this shade, it’s going to be nail art only for this one. The formula was thin but gave surprisingly great coverage with no streaking or patchy spots. I used three thin, careful coats for this shot.

formul8edphrase SH Bikini Beach

Bikini Beach

Scorched Summer is, to me, exactly the color of that classic Crayola crayon Burnt Sienna. I loved to color sunsets with that crayon, and this polish makes me think of those long August nights as I enjoy the last of my summer vacation before work begins again. I love this shade of dark orange. The thin formula was a little streaky and a bit difficult, but I think that’s mostly because I didn’t wait long enough between coats. Three thin coats for this picture.

formul8edphrase SH Scorched Summer

Scorched Summer

Finally, Surf Gypsy is my favorite of this collection. I described it to Becca as the color of a maple leaf (I was thinking of the Japanese maple we used to have in our yard), but on the nail it’s a shimmery cranberry. And if that weren’t pretty enough, it’s got scatter holographic glitter throughout! The glitter is fairly well distributed and adds that perfect amount of pop in the already faintly shimmery finish. It does make the texture a bit bumpy, though, so I recommend a double swipe of top coat. I used two coats in this image.

formul8edphrase SH Surf Gypsy

Surf Gypsy

formul8edphrase SH Surf Gypsy 02

Surf Gypsy with the bottle rotated so you can see the glitter

SquareHue has really impressed me with their colors these last few months. Right now they’ve reduced the price of their boxes for new subscriptions to $14.99 but added $5 shipping and handling, so it’s $19.99/month (versus the $21 a month previous subscribers pay). I find that to be a little shady, but whatever, I’m not cancelling. Read more here about their subscription service and the charities they support with a portion of their profits.

September will be the Serengeti Collection, so I’m anticipating khaki, green, and grey. If it’s another gold, though, I may cry. I’ll post last month’s swatches in a few days, in case anyone’s curious about that collection. What do you all think about the Endless Summer collection?


2 thoughts on “SquareHue August: Endless Summer Collection

  1. Great swatches! This is the first month of SH I’ve skipped. I agree with you; what’s up with another yellow/gold? Anyway, I think the colors look beautiful on you but am glad I skipped because the first two definitely would look icky on my skin tone. I like Surf Gypsy but am disappointed with all the swatches I’ve seen in that it looks better in the bottle than on nails.

    • Haha, I was wondering how I managed to get them up before you did. 😀 I really love these colors, and these plus the Zoyas (beautiful swatches you did on those, btw) will round out my autumn collection. I wore Surf Gypsy for a whole day and was less enthralled with it later because of the bumpiness of that glitter in the thin formula. But I had overthinned an old bottle of Seche Vite, so maybe with a thicker top coat it’ll look smoother.

      Thanks so much for commenting! I check your site every day for updates, so I’m really excited that you commented here. 😀

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