Week 20: Trendy

Really quick: I entered a contest run by the lovely rubygloomel on WordPress. Go here and vote for your favorite design!

formul8edphrase week 20:trendy

Textured nails are THE trend for 2013, and I was dying to use my new fall colors, so I pulled together this simple design for this week’s challenge. I know I just did dots, but I like how they look and I’m getting better at putting them in straight lines each time I do them.

Textures are all the rage this year. Ciaté remains the innovator, with caviar, velvet, foiled, and chalkboard; other companies were quick to try out textured formulas. China Glaze and Sally Hansen both have matte pebbled textures and matte bar glitter “feathered” textures, OPI has the Liquid Sands with both matte and glitter finishes, and Zoya has the glittery textured PixieDust. I’m not a fan of the matte or feather look and caviar beads seem like a desperate visit to the vet after my dog eats them all. I don’t own any of the Liquid Sands yet, mostly because I haven’t been super wowed by the colors, but if I find any on sale, I’ll be all for it. The Zoya PixieDusts, though, rock my world.

formul8edphrase week 20:trendy 02


I started here with a base of Zoya Neve, a new color from the 2013 Satins collection. I’ll post a swatch of Neve on it’s own later, and it’s beautiful just as-is. I then added dots using a tool in Zoya Tomoko, from the fall 2013 PixieDust collection. I swatched Godiva previously and I’ll swatch Tomoko in a few weeks, but while Godiva is a creamy nude glitter, Tomoko is more silvery white and even more sparkly. Gorgeous.

formul8edphrase week 20:trendy 01


Next week: green! Not gonna lie, it’s going to feature new Zoya colors, ok? 🙂


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