SquareHue September: Seregenti Collection

formul8edphrase seregenti collection

I do have some nail art for you guys, but I’ve been really sick for a couple of weeks, so I haven’t had too much energy for it. But I got my new SquareHue box yesterday, so I wanted to post swatches.

From the promo image, I sort of expected a khaki, a green, and maybe an elephant grey. I wasn’t too far off in my prediction, but I have to say I’m pretty disappointed by the colors this month.

formul8edphrase serengeti colors

Remember how I begged SH not to send any more yellows? Well, I guess they listened, sort of. They sent a yellow-green. Grassland Safari is a chartreuse creme that’s very sheer. Even with three coats I have some visible nail line. This color looks similar to butter LONDON’s new Wellies, from their fall 2013 collection, but more sheer and less pigmented. I have to say, I hate this color. I can’t even gift this bottle, because everyone I know hates this color too. I’m not sure why it’s so popular this fall, but if you can rock this shade, go for it!

formul8edphrase grassland safari

Grassland Safari

Next up is Swahili Charm, a plain brown creme. Not much to say here; there’s no shading or shimmer to add interest, and the color is exactly the same as Zoya’s Louise, which in my opinion has a better formula. But I might just still be disgruntled over that chartreuse. I do like this color and I’ll probably wear this throughout fall. I needed three coats for even coverage.

Also, I don’t consider myself an internet social justice warrior, but I feel like some of the names SH comes up with tinge a bit towards insensitivity. I know many people have issues with the word “gypsy,” considering it a slur (last month’s Surf Gypsy). And this month we get Swahili Charm, a brown color named after a language spoken by many black Africans. One could argue either way for there being an issue, but I just think it’s a little problematic.

formul8edphrase swahili charm

Swahili Charm

Finally, Savanna Sundowner is a yellow-green olive, lighter than July’s Valor and with a golden shimmer that makes it a pretty autumn color. This one needed two coats for full coverage, and the shimmer comes out clearly in both low and direct light. It’s nice, but still too yellow-tinged to look good on me.

formul8edphrase savanna sundowner

Next month is called the Moto Collection. I see more khaki green, more orange/copper, and more damn yellow/tan. I skipped; I love fall colors, but I’m tired of getting the same shades from SquareHue. I don’t really feel like I can recommend this subscription service anymore; I think people might get more variety with other companies. But if you’d like to try SquareHue, it’s $19.99 a month and ships to the U.S.A. and Canada.

squarehue moto collection october

SquareHue promo image for October 2013


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