Week 18: Tribal / Stripes

formul8edphrase week 18 tribal

Becca and I made this a split theme because she loves tribal and I love stripes, but I decided to challenge myself and try a simple tribal design. I was hampered by being away from home so I didn’t have my full collection to choose from, but I packed polishes that I thought would go together and I really like the result!

formul8edphrase.wordpress.com tribal 01


I started with a base of SquareHue Happy Creme, the only pink I kept from that disastrous May 2013 Madonna Collection. I then used striping tape, a striping brush, a small art brush, and a dotting tool to make designs. The other colors are a-England Galahad (the dusty teal), SquareHue Honor (gold foil, from the July collection — I’ll swatch these when I get back home), and Sally Hansen White-On and Black-Out. I looked at pictures from far more talented artists on the web and tried to put together my own combination of designs.

formul8edphrase.wordpress.com tribal 02


My mother rolled her eyes when she saw them. She’s very much a no-frills manicure kind of woman! 🙂

Next week is inspired by a pattern! Stay tuned for Becca to update Fishay, Fishay!


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