Mani: B&W wraps and decals

I wanted to try something a little different from what I usually do and decided to go with a high contrast black and white mani. I got black and white Jamberry checker wraps (only sold until August 31) recently, so I knew I wanted to use them, and also got some Skelanimals water slide decals from Nail Pop and figured I had a design.


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Week 31: Inspired by the Supernatural

I recently watched the Guillermo Del Toro movie Mama. Once I stopped trying to hide my face in my dog’s tummy, I noticed that all the movies that creep me out most feature big-eyed waify pale ghosts with lots of wild dark hair. That’s a trope used so often it’s cliche now, but never fails to freak me out. I used to train martial arts, and sometimes worked with a skinny girl with long, dark hair that she used to let just hang over her face. Because I outranked her, she had to line up behind me, and although she was really a sweet young woman, I would catch her out of the corner of my eye and get creeped out, especially since I had recently watched The Ring. Poor kid.

Omg get a scrunchie!

Week 26: Jessica Lange


So Becca and I are big fans of American Horror Story. Each season tells a new tale of creepiness and woe, with some actors re-appearing in new incarnations. One of the major stars is Jessica Lange, an award-winning film and TV actress whose perfect portrayal of the selfish and murderous neighbor in season one, Murder House, won her an Emmy and made the show a must-see. In season two, Asylum, she held the plot together as a nun with a tragic incident in her past, trying to hold onto her sanity on a lunatic ward. With season three, Coven, starting in a couple of weeks, we decided to pay tribute to the actress who makes AHS unforgettable.

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Week 12: Inspired by a Video Game


My first video game console was an Atari, and my cousins used to play the Smurfs game on it all the time. My one cousin lived with us for a few years when I was in grade school, and after we were supposed to be in bed, he would sneak into my room to play Ninja Gaiden on my Nintendo. My ex-boyfriend put Final Fantasy VII on my computer when he was rebuilding it before I went to college, and I got hooked. Another ex-boyfriend let me essentially crash in his dorm so I could play FFVIII on his PlayStation. Becca and I met through our love of Final Fantasy XII. And in tutoring a student on Brave New World this week, I explained that the Cyprus Experiment was an example of “we do what we must because we can” (the kid totally appreciated the reference).

I’m not a huge gamer, but I love the ones I’ve played. One of my favorites is Nintendo’s flagship RPG, The Legend of Zelda.

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