Week 26: Jessica Lange


So Becca and I are big fans of American Horror Story. Each season tells a new tale of creepiness and woe, with some actors re-appearing in new incarnations. One of the major stars is Jessica Lange, an award-winning film and TV actress whose perfect portrayal of the selfish and murderous neighbor in season one, Murder House, won her an Emmy and made the show a must-see. In season two, Asylum, she held the plot together as a nun with a tragic incident in her past, trying to hold onto her sanity on a lunatic ward. With season three, Coven, starting in a couple of weeks, we decided to pay tribute to the actress who makes AHS unforgettable.

formul8edphrase jl 01

I wanted to pay tribute to Constance Langdon, the embodiment of decaying glamour and outraged wrath that drives part of the plot of Murder House. Constance’s outfits are influenced by the style of the 60’s, when she came to Hollywood with the dream of being an actress and found her ambitions frustrated by an unfaithful husband and their special needs children. She wears fitted dresses tending towards large florals, or silk kimonos over silk loungewear.

formul8edphrase cl

I started this mani with one coat of a-England’s Camelot, the smoothest, richest black I own. I love this polish — anything that’s a one coater is great! a-England are best loved for their shimmery holos, but I’m a creme girl at heart, and the formula for these has never disappointed me. After I let it dry, I painted on flowers using acrylic paints that I bought at the craft store. I’ve only started working with paints for nail art, and I’m no artist, but I like how I can more easily blend colors and work in layers with the acrylics. I topped it with a layer of Seche Vite to smooth everything out.

formul8edphrase jl 02

I love how this came out. If I had more time and talent, I would have tried to do it on both hands to wear as a manicure, but alas, I had to clean the kitchen, so off it came. But I think I’ll try this one again. What do you all think?


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