Mani Monday – Blue Chevrons

I haven’t posted nail art in so long! It just takes time to do and photograph, and since I mostly do my nails at night, it can be a pain to prep my fingers for photography and figure out decent lighting when all I want to do is nap. But here’s a quick one that I managed to work out yesterday.


Do you have a polish that when you use it, you look at your hand and think, “Why do I even own any other polishes?” I feel that way with A-England Tristram. It’s such a gorgeous cobalt with scattered holographic shimmer, it goes on like a smooth dream, and just looks amazing in both artificial and natural light. I wear it far too infrequently for how much I love it.


For accent nails, I used vinyls to create chevrons with A-England Dancing with Nuriyev, a pale lilac blue with a more liner holographic shimmer. I’m really into monochromatic looks right now — I’m wearing these nails with black jeans, a cobalt blue sweater, and a cobalt and black scarf. Since I get dressed in the dark (at 6am), it’s easier to stay in one color family than to try and figure out if I match, and I sort of feel that way about my nails too.

Tell me, is there a polish you own that you think you need to wear more often?


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