Memebox Review – Superbox #84: SKINFOOD

Remember how excited I was when this was announced? Well, I finally got it!

I love the SKINFOOD brand. They emphasize using food-based ingredients like rice, berries, cacao, sugar, and vegetables to produce really nice affordable skincare. Their packaging is generally nice quality, with glass bottles and sleek graphics for their higher-end stuff. My only beef with their packaging is the copious use of Comic Sans, but I’m a snob that way. 🙂

Memebox produced a SKINFOOD box that could have been better, but I think was worth what I paid for it (I used points to get a discount) and offered a good variety of products whether you’re new to the brand or not.


Facial Water Vita-C Cream (75g)
Quench thirst by delivering a richly nutritious blend of vitamin complex and Alaska glacier water deep into skin. The vitamin C complex containse extracts from raspberry, acai berry, cranberry, and strawberry and works to replenish healthy energy to dehydrated, dulled complextion. It’s recommended to be refrigerated for better moisturizing and soothing results. It can also be used as a hydrating pack by applying a thicker layer of the cream.


This is a light, emollient-type cream with a light berry scent that fades quickly. It feels watery on the skin and hydrates well without being greasy. I use it as my morning face moisturizer and it absorbs quickly, so I don’t waste much time waiting for it to sink in before I can put on makeup. Even though it’s been below freezing here for several days and I wear mattifying makeup, with this moisturizer I haven’t seen any dry patches around my nose, eyes, lips, or jaw. The packaging is a solid glass or heavy plastic jar, cut like crystal, with a tin lid embossed with the SKINFOOD cherub logo. A plastic shield was included under the lid, but I toss those in recycling unless I know I’m going to travel with the item. There’s no plastic spatula, so if that skieves you out, you may want to save one from another product or buy some generic ones from Amazon (they’re a couple of dollars for 50, I think). Fanserviced is doing an experiment on the hygiene of sticking your fingers in cosmetic jars, but I’m afraid to look at the results. 🙂

Verdict: I like it and will use it up. I’d purchase again if I weren’t drowning in face creams.

Black Sugar Mask Wash Off (100g)
An effective facial exfoliator rich in various minerals and vitamins. Use occasionally to cleanse away excessive dead skin cells, oil, and skin impurities piling up in the pores to make skin sensistive and troublesome. It’ll bring back healthy radiance and suppleness to skin with just a single use. Spread the formula evenly over a wet face after cleansing and gently massage into skin. Rinse off after 10 or 15 minutes.


I didn’t open this yet because I have some packet samples of this product to use up first. The Black Sugar Mask is a sort of flagship item for SKINFOOD. It’s an exfoliating sugar scrub for the face. The sugar melts into your skin and gently scrubs off dead skin cells. You can use it on other parts of your body, too: I use it on my hands a couple of times a week. The packaging is a simple plastic tub that seems almost amateur when compared to some of their other product lines, but I happen to like the utilitarian aspect of it. This is the kind of product that will smear over the lid while I’m using it because I’m kind of clumsy, so it’s fine for me that it’s not a work of packaging art. Ugh, that Comic Sans font, though! 😛

Verdict: great product. I have this and the Strawberry Sugar Scrub (which I like the scent of so much I could eat it), and will absolutely purchase again.

Egg White Pore Meringue Foam (200ml)
Abundant, meringue-like fine bubbles penetrate deep into the skin without irritating or dehydrating the skin texture. Highly recommended for weak and sensitive oily types. Lather well and gently massage onto the face, then wash off with lukewarm water.


I don’t really have pore or oil issues, so I was going to gift this, but then I tried it out for reviewing and I kind of love it. The bottle promises skin “as smooth as an egg,” and yeah, it delivers. The liquid pumps out as a delicate bubble-filled foam, as light as meringue, and it feels effervescent when massaged over my face. My skin feels tighter and looks brighter after I wash it off. I keep this in the shower to use after I Clarisonic with foaming soap, and it seems to be working well after the deep cleaning action of my Clarisonic. It seems incredible gentle and surprisingly effective.

Verdict: love this. I may have to buy again; I don’t think I have anything with this light texture that works as well.

Tomato Whitening Toner (180ml)
Made from sun-ripe tomato extracts and vitamin C complex to make skin brighter, clearer, and suppler. Apply to a clean face and pat in for full absorbance as the first step of your skincare routine after cleansing.


I haven’t used this product myself, but I sent samples to my bestie a few months ago and she raves about it. She says it hydrated and brightened her skin like magic. She has oily, break-out prone skin, and she said this seemed to reduce the number of problem spots and made her skin feel smoother. So I sent her this bottle for her birthday. ❤

Verdict: word of mouth says it's a great product.

Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake (in Grey Khaki Black?)
Formulated with cacao extracts, this compact carries two naturally blending shades for shaping and defining the fine arches with an easy sweep.


Erm. This isn’t really color-matched to me, and I prefer pencils and gels to brow powder. I rock a strong eye every day, so they need strong brows to balance out my face, and powders tend to be too subtle a look. I may give this to a family member, or try it myself later. It may work for weekend looks when I just need to pull myself together for a condo board meeting or a run to the store or something.

Verdict: won’t buy again, but just because I prefer other products.

Overall, this was a good box that I’m very happy I bought. I wished for an eye cream or a few of their other product lines, but I’m pleased with these products and tried some new things that I now love. And isn’t that the point of mystery boxes? 🙂

Memebox has been clearing out its warehouse lately, so pickings are slim, but around noon EST today they’ll be releasing a new skin care box that promises the latest in Korean ingredients, so be on the lookout!

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All links and codes on this page are affiliate links, for which I receive commission. All products featured in this review were purchased by me. Box graphic by Memebox, all other pictures taken by me.


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