Memebox Review – #62: Tea Tree Cosmetics

Tea tree is my saving ingredient. I suffer from mild hormonal breakouts and spot irritation breakouts. This is super gross and probably TMI, but obviously I have a dog. Who likes to sit on my pillows. With his unwiped paws, butt, and junk, because he hasn’t evolved opposable thumbs or discovered that toilet paper is not for eating. So while I wash my sofa pillows and bed pillowcases pretty regularly, I’m still often coming into contact with ick. Not to mention that when I’m grading, I have a habit of propping my face on my hand. Oh, and I have herpes simplex Type I around my mouth — thanks, high school telemarking job and those filthy phone headsets!

Anyhoodle, tea tree is a natural antiseptic, so it’s wonderful for clearing up all my blemishes. I snapped up this box hoping for some LJH Tea Tree products, since those are basically miracle workers; no luck on that, but I got six great products that I’m happy with.

The rating system is going in reverse this time: 1 zit is good and 5 zits are bad. πŸ™‚


Tea Tree: click here for more!


Memebox Review – Special #59: Scrub 2

Happy New Year! Winter is upon us here in New England, so let’s start the ball rolling with a box designed to help with the winter scalies.

When I saw reviews for the first Memebox scrub box, I was blown away by how amazing it was, so I jumped on the second version when it was released. I think Scrub 2 isn’t as awesome as Scrub 1, but it contained some great items that’ll be useful in the cold, dry winter for sloughing off scaly skin.

Ratings today will be in Brillo pads, because in winter I kind of want to take one to my whole body.


Scrub 2: click here to read and see more

Memebox Review – Special #60: Oil Therapy

This is another box where I’m not blown away by the contents because I can think of so many other items that could have been put in that weren’t. I need to stop having any expectations whatsoever. I really like the products in here, I was just hoping for different ones.

Contrary to popular opinion, using oils won’t make your skin extra oily. In fact, your skin produces extra oil when it’s dry, so using oil to hydrate helps to regulate the amount of sebum your skin naturally produces.

Fun fact: whenever I use oils, my dog decides I taste like heaven and licks me incessantly. So I’ll rate these products with Gabs slurps. πŸ™‚


Oil Therapy: click here to read and see more

Memebox Review – Special #65: Apple Mojito

Apple Mojito ingredients (from
3 oz. (90 ml) club soda
.5 oz. (15 ml) lime juice
10 mint leaves muddled with ΒΌ tspn. sugar
2.5 oz. (75 ml) light rum
2.5 oz. (75 ml) apple juice reduction

You know what’s not in there? Lemons.

The Silver Nail suggested that Memebox had a linguistic brain blip, since lime in many Romance languages is limon. But still. Nobody on the curation team thought to check that out? Ha! Who am I kidding, there isn’t a curation team at Memebox. Just a guy tossing products in a box.

Whatever, I really liked this box. Great products for the most part, even though there are better ones more suited to the theme (like an APPLE MOJITO TONER) out there. Or mint, which is what makes the drink a mojito.


Mojito madness: click here to read and see more

Memebox Review – Superbox #84: SKINFOOD

Remember how excited I was when this was announced? Well, I finally got it!

I love the SKINFOOD brand. They emphasize using food-based ingredients like rice, berries, cacao, sugar, and vegetables to produce really nice affordable skincare. Their packaging is generally nice quality, with glass bottles and sleek graphics for their higher-end stuff. My only beef with their packaging is the copious use of Comic Sans, but I’m a snob that way. πŸ™‚

Memebox produced a SKINFOOD box that could have been better, but I think was worth what I paid for it (I used points to get a discount) and offered a good variety of products whether you’re new to the brand or not.


Skinfood: click here to read and see more