Memebox Review – Special #54: Miracle Masks

You all know I love masks, right? Love them. I mean, masks are, to me, a soothing experience, and there’s such a variety of masks to try. I was a bit underwhelmed with this box at first, but once I started using the products, I decided I really like most of them.


Purederm Cucumber Eye Pads (24ct)
Soft pre-moistened pads enriched with real cucumber, Vitamin E and various soothing natural ingredients, these moisturizing eye pads work to relieve dry, tired eyes and also help minimize puffiness around the eyes. Place the pads over your closed eyes and relax for 5-15 minutes. Store in a refrigerator for optimal results.


This product leaked all over many people’s boxes, but not mine as far as I could tell. I don’t think these are meant to be swimming in essence — mine only had about a half inch of liquid at the bottom of the jar, but the pads are saturated. I have really dry eyes from wearing contacts (and sometimes sleeping in them — BAD HABIT), so it’s nice to take them out and then relax with these cold compresses on my eyes for awhile. Both the skin around my eyes and my eyes themselves feel refreshed and happier afterwards. I’m not saying to put this essence actually in your eyes, but the coolness of the product helps soothe my eyeballs. I don’t even bother to store them in the fridge, but the essence itself has a cooling effect.

Verdict: 5 tail wags from Gabs

LadyKin Vanpir Dark Repairing Water Mask (50mL)
An anti-wrinkle, skin firming and repairing sleeping pack made from ‘dragon’s blood resin’ from the Amazon, adenosine, and centella asiatica. This cream will strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier and lift up aging skin by delivering rich hydration and nourishment deep into the skin overnight. Abundant vitamins, green tea extracts and polyphenol also helps balance out and brighten up uneven complexion. Apply at night and wear while sleeping; rinse off the next morning.


I like the Ladykin Vanpir line, which is meant to be brightening as well as anti-aging. Dragon’s blood sounds crazy, but it’s made from the sap of a tree and historically was used as an external healing balm or wash. That’s probably how it became a fantasy trope that dragon’s blood (from the wyrms, not the tree) heals wounds. This mask has a thin, watery feeling to it rather than a rich cream, so I don’t actually bother to wash it off in the morning. I like how moisturizing it feels, and I think it’s working to keep my complexion clear and bright — it’s hard to tell because I use so many products.

Verdict: 5 tail wags and a lick

ddung Vitamin Wash-off Pack (120mL)
A vitamin-rich, wash-off type facial pack enriched with various moisturizing and nourishing agents such as macadamia seed oil and betaine. It works to replenish, smooth and strengthen dry, dulled skin for a more healthier, more radiant complexion. Apply on a clean face, rest for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water, then pat the face with cold water.


I really can’t get over how poorly named this brand is in English, but as a face mask, this product isn’t awful. I’m not excited about masks that I have to wash off in only a couple of minutes, because I like to apply a mask and have a lie down for awhile. Betaine is an amino acid that I think is used as an exfoliant here, but since I can’t translate the ingredient list, I’m not positive.

Verdict: 3 uncertain tail wags

Mise En Scene Perfect Repair Treatment Pack (180mL)
This mask contains 7 kinds of oil — argan, camellia, olice, jojoba, coconut, apricot, and marula — to nourish and protect hair that is dry, weakened, or damaged. Apply the pack to clean hair and rinse off after a couple of minutes.


My hair is fine, thin, and kind of dry, which means that my curls are most often frizz and I’m constantly trying to do something about that. Hair masks can sometimes make my hair too heavy or too greasy, but this is more of a deep conditioner that rinses out. It leaves my hair silky feeling and well-hydrated, but it’s too much to use on my fine hair every day, so I use it about once a week.

Verdict: 4 tail wags and a sneeze right on my face. Thanks, dog.

To Be Nang Masks
Snail Nutrition Hydro Gel
Gold 24K Snail Nutrition Hydro Gel
Snail Anti-Wrinkle Face & Neck Mask

Hydro-gel masks with snail mucus for healing and rejuvenating skin.


Hydro-gel masks always feel more luxurious to me than paper masks because of the way they melt into my skin as they dry. These three are packed with snail mucin and gold for healing. The neck mask is meant to be anti-aging, but I always apply serum and moisturizer to my neck along with my face, so my neck problem is my double chin, not dryness. I don’t really like neck masks — so cold! — but this one is as good as any other.

Verdict: four tail wags and a cold wet nose in my neck

I’m quitting the affiliates program, so I don’t have any links or codes to offer (not that there are any for anyone right now). I’m only quitting because they’re switching to a new affiliates service, and I can’t be bothered to switch over because I just don’t make that much commission.

Memebox has a few new (highly-priced) boxes up now, and plans to release restocks next week, so keep your eyes peeled!


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