Manicure: red half moons

I still do my nails, I swear! I love half moon manis because they’re an elegant look for something so simple.

formul8edphrase red halfmoons

I used a base of Azature Opal. Azature boasts that it has a real black diamond in every bottle. I can’t believe that’s true, but these polishes have a lovely formula and sparkle. I got several on deep discount during a pre-Christmas sale; they normally retail for $25 but I got them for $6 each. Opal is a very sheer nude with a red shimmer. I was going to leave it like that for an understated look, but then decided to add Deborah Lippmann Lady is a Tramp from the Jazz Standards mini set my MUT Secret Santa gave me. It’s a bold red creme, blue-toned, somewhat sheer and jelly-ish on one coat, so I used two.

formul8edphrase red half moons

I really like how these turned out. But what’s going on with my middle finger? I must be flipping off too many people, because that nail is constantly splitting and peeling. If anyone has any suggestions for how to prevent that, I’d love to hear them.


4 thoughts on “Manicure: red half moons

  1. LOL that nail peels the most for me too and the index finger the next! 🙂 LOL. Actually I noticed I use that nail to peel off labels and open things more that’s why it wears faster.

    • Huh, I use my thumbnail for opening things (and I have hairline cracks at the nail line from that) but IDK why my middle nail is so weak and peely. I’ll say it’s from flipping people off when I drive. XD I just load base coat on that nail before polishing to try and strengthen it, but I need to find a good treatment.

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