Memebox Review – Special #44: Very Berry

This box is just delightful. Let’s dive in!


Memebox is a Korean Beauty mystery box. They generally release new boxes each week; some are themed and others miscellaneous products. All items are Korean, usually lesser-known brands. Boxes range in price (starting usually at $23 USD) and standard shipping (which takes a couple of weeks) is $6.99 USD per box ordered (so if you order two boxes, it’s $13.98 for shipping). Boxes are usually pre-ordered to be shipped at a later date, although they do have some ready to ship now.

Memebox products come packaged in a sturdy pink cardboard box with crumpled tissue paper for padding. The box then comes in either a pink bubblewrap mailer or a shipping box if multiple boxes are shipping at once. The products are usually arranged neatly and are often sealed by the manufacturer.

Skin CRONies Aronia Moisture Cream (50mL)
Aronia (king’s berry) contains the highest level of antioxidants unparalleled by any from the berry family. This gentle formula is packed with aronia extracts, hyaluronic acid, beta-glucan, and 8 kinds of herbal extracts which all work together to soften and smooth out uneven skin texture and to revitalize and firm up dry, sagging skin. Its unique pinkish, pudding-like texture resembling both a soothing gel and nourishing cream will softly melt onto skin for a moist, supple finish.


This is a thick, lightly scented cream that does actually melt nicely into the skin, although I would recommend using it at night if you wear makeup during the day. Aronia reduces inflammation when ingested and contains antioxidants. Beta-glucans seem to be related to fermentation effects, which provide anti-aging benefits. The packaging is nice on this item, although I’m starting to believe the whole pot-creams-breed-bacteria business. Still, it’s heavy plastic or glass (I can’t tell), in a sturdy, foil stamped cardboard outer box with a simple and sophisticated-looking logo. While I’m a sucker for cute packaging, sometimes it’s nice to have stuff in my medicine cabinet that my mom won’t turn her nose up at.

Konad Niju Blueberry Moisture Hand Cream (60mL)
Enriched with organic argan oil, shea butter, and olive oil and scented with blueberries, this cream delivers instant moisture surge and rejuvenation to dry, roughened hands.


I haven’t tried this yet because I’m drowning in hand butters, but Konad is the original nail art stamping plate producer, so they know hand and nail care. I’m looking forward to using this cream, since I go through hand creams like it’s my job.

Swanicoco Super Brightening Hydro Solution (20mL)
A dual radiance-boosting essence packed with high concentrates of acai berry — an antioxidant-rich fruit loved for its skin firming and anti-aging benefits. The solution #1 is a repairing and brightening ampoule, while solution #2 contains an extra radiance-boosting formula and is recommended to be used together with solution #1.


This product is two attached tubes of serum that you can combine in any proportion — they pump independently. That’s useful for products that go together if you don’t want to mix them together. I mix all my serums in my hand to save time patting them on, so the delivery system doesn’t matter to me, but I look forward to using this and seeing if it really makes my winter skin more radiant.

Reinplatz Essence Mask (23g)
All you ever need is a quick 20 minute home care to keep your skin feeling luminous and silky soft with this fruity essence mask. The blueberry formula works to rejuvenate and replenish the skin.


Whoo, sheet mask! Gotta collect them all.

Borntree Vita Berry Cleansing Foam (150mL)
This skin-softening blend of acai berry and raspberry leaves skin supple and refreshingly clean while the blend works to reduce inflammation and soothe irritations. This antioxidant, mildly exfoliating cleanser softens, increases collagen, and restores elasticity for fresh-faced vibrancy.


This is a gentle cleanser with good foam and a very mild fruity scent that’s almost undetectable when I’m in the shower because my Wen hair conditioner smells so strongly it covers anything else up. I use this with my Clarisonic and I feel like my skin gets clean without getting abraded or dried out. My face seems less red after using it, but I’m having a major cystic acne issue on my chin, so I kind of look like Jupiter right now with a big red spot on the lower part of my face. I have no idea what broke me out, so I threw away several things I was using and started again from my stash. *sigh*

e choice Fall in Love Berry Body Lotion (120g)
Made from a combination of blueberry and cranberry complex, it absorbs deeply into the skin without leaving a sticky finish and delivers rich moisture and nutrition to dry body skin for maintaining a healthy vibrancy and suppleness.


I’ve been applying moisturizer to my dry, itchy hands and arms literally every 56 minutes (each class period) during the school day, so as soon as I run out of donkey milk, this is going into rotation.

Yadah Lovely Lip Tint Stick
By adjusting to the temperature, pH level, and moisture level of your lip and and preventing any moisture loss, this lip tint melts onto lips and creates a color formation that best suits each individual’s most natural lip color. Lovely strawberry and cherry fruitness linger on your lip long after application.


I’m not so sure I believe the pH adjusting to an individual’s lips claim, but I like that this is a moisture-packed red instead of a bright pink. I can totally wear this color, although maybe not in winter. But I bet it will make a nice, moisturizing base for my darker red lipsticks during the holiday season.

I like all the products in this box, and while it’s heavy on the creams, I know I’ll use all these items. This was a great purchase for me and I hope Memebox releases more like this — I have high hopes for the apple mojito box!

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All links and codes on this page are affiliate links, for which I receive commission. All products featured in this review were purchased by me. Box graphic by Memebox, all other pictures taken by me.


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