Memebox Review – Special #67: Blackout!

This box was a mild discount, $19 instead of $23, but five dollars doesn’t seem like much of a discount for the items we got. I like two of the four items and I’m not that sorry I got the box, but I am sorry I paid that much for it. I guess I just expected more, or different items.


B&SOAP Black Block
A black bar soap made from nature’s complexion clean-up crew — charcoal, rosemary, and olive oil. It gets to the bottom of skin’s cloudy, clogged pores to clear the way for smoother, softer, and brighter-looking skin. Formulated for combination to oily skin, this handmade charcoal soap absorbs debris and impurities while the rosemary extracts act as a natural antibacterial agent to detoxify pores without irritation.


This is the item that I’m not overly fond of. I don’t like bar soaps — I think they’re rather unhygenic, sitting in a pool of scummy water all the time. And even if I have a properly draining soap holder for them, they dry out and split, leaving me with slivers that are difficult to use. Also, while I love charcoal as an ingrediant for soap, this one smells bad to me. Maybe it’s the rosemary? I don’t know, but I just don’t like the smell of it. I’ll try and give this item away to someone who might like it better, since I’m sure it does a good job — those ingredients are good for skin.

Verdict: not for me

Honest Clinic Black Hole Spot (10mL)
This night care spot get contains a special A+BHA complex to gently melt away excessive dead skin cells and impurities from both inside the pores and the outer surface of the skin. It effectively treats acne and blemish spots with just a single application while brightening up darkened, uneven skin tone at the same time. Take a small amount and place it over troubled spot just before going to bed. It may result in reddening on non-troubled skin.


I get persistent blemishes on my cheeks, so spot treatments are always nice to have. This one noticably reduces pimples overnight, although it can leave a scaly ring behind on the healthy skin around the area. That’s nothing that a good exfoliant can’t cure, so I’m happy with this product.

Verdict: works well

Tosowoong Black-Head Nose Pack (8ea)
Formulated with Morrocan lava clay, charcoal powder, and volcanic ash, this blackhead removing nose pack is entirely made up of natural ingredients. It’s gentle on the skin yet effectively draws out stubborn blackheads from your nose. Cleanse and wet your nose with water, peel the patch from the protective film and place it smooth side down on your nose. After 15 minutes, peel it off carefully.


I love nose patches, even though I’m not troubled by large or clogged pores. There’s something cathartic about peeling off a patch to see microhairs and sebaceous filiments (which is what those dark spots on most noses are — not really blackheads) littering the cloth. Of course, this patch is black, so I can’t see that, but more than that, I’m disappointed in these patches because they just don’t work that well. Peeling them off leaves gunk adheared to my skin that I have to really scrub hard to get off, which irritates delicate facial skin. I cut one down a bit and tried it over an actual blackhead (a dirt-clogged pimple) on my lip line, and it did nothing to draw the ick out. So these particular patches are not worth it.

Verdict: doesn’t work at all, even on real blackheads

L’Cret Hair Color Keeper Treatment Shampoo (300mL)
The color-keeping blemd of sunflower seed, babassu seed oil, panthenol, and silk protein protects the hair from fading in color or UV bleaching, while delivering rich nutrients for a healthy moisture and oil balance.


I just got my hair colored (dark brown, about three shades darker than my natural brown), so I’ll be using this shampoo to see if it actually prolongs the color. I’m not sure why it’s included in a Blackout box, as only the packaging is black — the shampoo itself is clear. Whatever, Memebox. I’ve only used it once so far (I only wash my hair every couple of days since it’s so fine and thin), but it seems like a good product.

Verdict: seems ok

Overall, I’m not thrilled with the actual value of the products I got, but I’ll certainly use the spot treatment and shampoo.

There’s nothing really to buy from Memebox right now; hopefully they release more boxes next year.

All links and codes on this page are affiliate links, for which I receive commission. All products featured in this review were purchased by me. Box graphic by Memebox, all other pictures taken by me.


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