Mani: B&W wraps and decals

I wanted to try something a little different from what I usually do and decided to go with a high contrast black and white mani. I got black and white Jamberry checker wraps (only sold until August 31) recently, so I knew I wanted to use them, and also got some Skelanimals water slide decals from Nail Pop and figured I had a design.


I used Illamasqua Scorch for my white and a-England Camelot for my black. I totally smudged the crap out of my index finger but ignore that!


The Jamberry wraps are easy to use (the link above is an affiliate link to my friend’s consultant page, but I don’t get any compensation for sending traffic there). The Nail Pop decals are also simple: soak them in water, slide them off the paper backing, and put them on the nail. Once they dry, you seal them on with top coat and they turn transparent. I bought these decals and the wraps myself (I’m not popular enough for nail sponsorships, unfortunately) — the wraps are $15 and the decals can run from $10-12 depending on the style.


I really like how these came out. What do you think?


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