Mani: B&W wraps and decals

I wanted to try something a little different from what I usually do and decided to go with a high contrast black and white mani. I got black and white Jamberry checker wraps (only sold until August 31) recently, so I knew I wanted to use them, and also got some Skelanimals water slide decals from Nail Pop and figured I had a design.


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Week 31: Inspired by the Supernatural

I recently watched the Guillermo Del Toro movie Mama. Once I stopped trying to hide my face in my dog’s tummy, I noticed that all the movies that creep me out most feature big-eyed waify pale ghosts with lots of wild dark hair. That’s a trope used so often it’s cliche now, but never fails to freak me out. I used to train martial arts, and sometimes worked with a skinny girl with long, dark hair that she used to let just hang over her face. Because I outranked her, she had to line up behind me, and although she was really a sweet young woman, I would catch her out of the corner of my eye and get creeped out, especially since I had recently watched The Ring. Poor kid.

Omg get a scrunchie!