Week 32: Halloween


So my town does trick or treating the Saturday before Halloween, and as members of the Board of Trustees for my development, my neighbor and I give out candy and coffee at a station set up in front of our units. I had my face all done up with my new Too Faced A Few of My Favorite Things palette (OMG LOVE IT, OKAY?) and my fingers decorated with Dia de los Muertos sugar skull accent nails.


This was much easier to do than it looks, even on my right hand. It took some time, but it’s all just dots with a dotting tool. I used Illamasqua Scorch for the base and a variety of colors for the floral eyes. On my other fingers is Julep Cleopatra, a matte finish black that I like a lot but is an absolute pain to put on in a hurry. Since I couldn’t topcoat it, I kept smudging my nails, taking it off, repolishing, lather, rinse, repeat at least four separate times. Sigh. I was too impatient, even though I started early in the day.


The silvery color is Julep Casper, which is supposed to be glow in the dark, but I can’t say I noticed. However, it was crazy windy and I was freezing my buns off while holding an overexcited mini poodle in my lap, so I barely looked at my fingers except to make sure they were still attached after they went numb. Only the next day did I realize I should have drawn spiderwebs instead of dots and lines. Whoops.

So what do you think: are you ever too old to go trick or treating?


2 thoughts on “Week 32: Halloween

    • Thank you!
      I loved that some adults were dressed up beside their kids going trick or treating. And for the little kids, the adults would help them pick out their “favorite” candy. πŸ˜€

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