Coming back soon!

Ugh. So. Here’s my mess of excuses.

November is the cruelest month, no matter what T.S. Eliot says. It started with the end of the first grading quarter, which was a week of sleepless nights to try and get everything graded and calculated. Next came my birthday weekend, when my mother came up to visit. That was delightful, but necessitated a lot of work on my part to get my house immaculate. The day after she left, on my birthday, we suffered a death in the family, so I spent the next weekend travelling home to PA. Thanksgiving, and another trip to PA, came soon after that. Then the holiday season was in full swing and I was cleaning, decorating, baking, wrapping, ordering, and again travelling to PA. And now it’s the end of the second quarter marking period and I’m again drowning in work. 

But my nails have not been bare! I have a few pictures of holiday manis to post, and swatches from three months of SquareHue. The Zoya spring Natural collection is on its way to me, and I picked up a few random other colors in various holiday shopping sprees. I have some make-up swatches too, from the new Revlon matte lip crayons. I’ve given up Ipsy and all but given up Julep, but I’m sure something will come along to fill the void.

So, my new year’s resolution is to get back on track, but I need to get all these essays graded first. Thanks for hanging in there! 🙂


Your thoughts?

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