Mani Monday – Cool Pool

Let’s just forget about how awful I am at blogging, okay? ♥

Blue and white chevrons

I did this mani with turquoise blue Julep Lissa (July 2014 Poolside Collection) and white Illamasqua Scorch. I used v-shaped Nail Vinyls to make chevrons, since I’m hopeless at drawing straight lines without a template. I varied the placement a bit on each hand, if you’re curious.

Julep Lissa

Lissa is actually much brighter in person; the light level was low when I took these pictures, and I couldn’t color match it truly, sorry. The color should be a bright turquoise/teal.

Since I’m at work today (ugh!), I need only look down at my pool-colored nails to feel better about being there — this extra work is funding a Caribbean vacation!

Up next: Memebox reviews!


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