Saturday Swatch – Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag August 2014

I used to hate glitter toppers. WHOOPS!

RH August 2014

Rainbow Honey August 2014: click here to read and see more


Julep: July Maven Box

I’ve been a Julep Maven for three months now, and each month has tempted me to upgrade my box so I get the whole set. But each time, there has been something holding me back: May was my first box and I could only get it free if I didn’t upgrade, June had the DD cream (which I totally didn’t want). But July’s California Coast box finally did the trick: ten beachy polishes, sea salt spray for hair, and beach oil tonic for skin. Yup, sold.

Julep July Collection

Click for a bigger image; image courtesy of Julep

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Zoya Instagram Giveaway/Contest

zoya instagram

I’m late to the Zoya train, but I love these polishes: the colors are gorgeous and the formula wonderful. Right now, Zoya is relying on their fanbase to choose the colors for a summer mini trio. The potential colors are the 2013 summer collections: Stunning and Irresistible (swatched at these links by ThePolishAholic).

All you have to do is go to Zoya’s Instagram page, click on the photos for their summer collection colors, and “like” the ones you want to see in the trio (you can choose more than three). The ones with the most votes will get packaged together, but all the colors combined have to receive 20,000 likes in total for Zoya to take the next step.

That next step is a giveaway! They’ll give 2000 of the mini trios away free with any $10 purchase (plus S+H) from the Zoya website. Now, that’s a bit of a catch, because polishes are $8 and PixieDusts $9, so you’d have to buy at least two polishes, but since there are dozens of gorgeous shades available, it’s not hard to find two to love. Their brand polish remover ($9.99, argh!) is excellent and nourishing, unlike the acetone I usually use, so that’s worth a purchase, too.

Votes need to be in by Sunday, June 23, 11:59 EST!

Here’s the fine print direct from Zoya’s site:
*Terms and Conditions
This contest is valid on the Zoya Nail Polish Instagram page ONLY from 6/17/13 – 6/23/13 11:59pm EST. Giveaway is contingent to number of likes achieved – Promotion code will be released on Zoya’s Instagram on 7/01/13. Mini trios will be given away free with any $10 purchase online at only, while supplies last. Continental. Shipping & Handling fees apply. Continental US Only.