Saturday Swatch – Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag August 2014

I used to hate glitter toppers. WHOOPS!

RH August 2014

Rainbow Honey is an indie nail brand that produces a lot of glitter toppers, but also full coverage colors, scented top coats, cuticle balms, and other beauty products. They have a mystery bag with three polish items and a few other goodies each month. The smaller size bag (enough for two or three manicures with each bottle of polish) is $10 USD and the larger size (15mL) is $25. Orders from Rainbow Honey tend to take a little while to process, but shipping itself has been relatively quick. If you spend $50 in their store you get the monthly limited edition polish free, and if you spend $65 you get that and a small mystery bag free.

The non-nail polish items in this month’s bag include a body splash in their popular Summer Fruits scent, which is a sweet and light fruity scent. Also featured are a cuticle balm and rollerball perfume in Royal Fruits, which is similar to the Summer Fruits but contains a bit more of a banana smell, I think. I can’t really tell the difference, honestly. Both are really similar to last month’s Midori (which I love, ’cause it smells just like the liquor, which was a favorite of mine right after I graduated college).

Modern Hearts has a clear base with a mix of peach, pink, and white hex matte glitters, white hearts, and pink shimmer. I swatched it here over Julep Vicky, a “flamingo pink” that is so very summer to me. The shimmer and smaller glitters applied well with a swipe, but I needed to really fish around for the hearts. I’m actually not a huge pink fan, so I hope RH branches into some richer colors for fall.

RH Modern Hearts

488nm is a lovely soft blue creme that RH plans to release in a collection next year (summer, maybe?). This color is so right up my alley and it applied smoothly and evenly in two coats.

RH 488nm

Also in this bag is a scented top coat in Royal Fruits. I’ve never worn scented top coat before, and I’m a die-hard Seche Vite girl, but I’m officially converted. I want all the scented top coats RH makes! It applies well, dries fast (although not Seche Vite fast), hasn’t caused shrinking as far as I can tell, and is nice and glossy. The scent lasts at least four days, but I usually change polish by then, so it could last longer.

Finally, the limited edition polish this month is Crystal, all silvery diamonds, hexes, hearts, stars, and moons in a clear base with holographic shimmer. Here’s a macro shot, followed by one coat over 488mn. I didn’t need to fish for the larger glitters, but I did need to spread them on my nails with an orange stick.

RH Crystal macro
Crystal over 488nm

The August mystery bag is still available on Rainbow Honey, so if you’re interested, pick it up!

Next up: Mani Monday!


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