SquareHue June: SoBe Collection (p1)

May’s SquareHue was a huge disappointment for me: three shades of pink, a color I hate. One a neon, which is tough to work with, one a frost, which is a finish I dislike, and one a creme, which is the only one I kept. So I was nervous about June’s SoBe (South Beach) collection.

I got it (and, like, four other nail polish packages — I have a problem!) earlier this week, and was deliriously happy when I opened the box and saw three colors I loved. The Silver Nail swatched it fast (she’s got great swatches of a variety of polishes on her site, along with breaking polish news like new collection press releases), so I thought instead of swatching it like I did with the Bloom Collection, I’d show some nail art I do with each color.


1st color: Lincoln Road

Click here for a review and another picture!