Week 17: blue


Between an intense grad class and the heat wave, I just haven’t had the energy to update recently. I’m sorry! I’ll probably be slow over the next couple of weeks while I visit my mother in Philadelphia, but I’ll at least try to get my weekly challenge posts out on time.

Stressed as I was this week, I wanted to do something easy, even though blue is my favorite color and I’ve been looking forward to this challenge. Maybe I can do better on the last week revisit, lol.

The Nailasaurus has been posting different colored versions of what she calls a waterfall manicure for the last couple of weeks, so I decided to do a similar manicure. Mine is a bit messier, giving a more feathered appearance.

blue 01

My camera flipped out with color capturing all this blue, so my skin is a little ghostly.

I started with a base of China Glaze Sea Spray and painted tapered stripes in a variety of blues. This was an easy mani that I think came out pretty nice.

Becca has updated, and whoa, do her last couple of manicures look fantastic! Check them out at Fishay Fishay!

Next week: Tribal / Stripes! That one’s going to be tough, especially since I can’t bring my whole polish collection to my mom’s. 😀


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