Week 30: Zombies


I can’t believe The Walking Dead is back on and I’m still a season behind!


I started with OPI French Quarter for Your Thoughts, a nice even medium gray creme. I then randomly sponged OPI Thanks a Windmillion, a gray-green creme, and sponged back on French Quarter to get a mottled, decaying brain color. It’s actually not a decaying brain color, though; the brains I used to dissect in college were grayer. 😀

I then added “blood” around the cuticle and tip with a nail art brush. I put a drop of Zoya Livingston in two drops of Zoya Pepper and mixed it for this shade.


I finished with a cheap matte topcoat that I found in the drugstore; I can’t remember the brand. It totally streaked the red polish, but I figured that helped the effect I was going for.

I think the giant cut on my ragged cuticle really goes with the whole zombie theme, don’t you? LOL


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