Week 02: Game of Thrones


So right this moment, I’m missing the season premiere of Game of Thrones because my mom doesn’t have HBO and she wants me to watch The Bible with her. I have to admit, Jesus (played by Portuguese soap opera star Diogo Morgado) is really hot. Just saying that probably costs me points in Heaven or something.

Anyway, so I’ll be watching the opening of season three on HBO Go after Vikings. But in the meantime, here are my Game of Thrones inspired nails. Several weeks ago I saw this tutorial by IndigoNova and I knew I wanted to do this design for this week. I’m not a Lannister fan, no matter how awesome Tyrion is (especially after reading Feast of Crows and Dance with Dragons, where his character gets butchered). I am, however, a fan of the amazing Queen Margaery of House Tyrell. As of book five, she’s the only one winning the game of thrones. I also adore the love story between her brother Loras and her first husband Renly Baratheon, and I think her grandma is pretty damn amazing (and she’ll be played by Miss Emma Peel in the show, so she’s twice as kickass).

Click here to see the House Tyrell-inspired manicure