Zoya PixieDust: Godiva

I totally resisted the texture trend for a long time. Although I love matte, I didn’t want rough surfaces on my nails, I thought. Until I broke down and bought Zoya PixieDust in one of the original colors, Godiva.


So much sparkle.

As I was complaining that Godiva was backordered on the Zoya website, Becca found a site called Natural Healthy Concepts. They sell mostly herbal supplements, but also have a full selection of Zoya polishes, with no shipping cost! I ordered on a Tuesday and had my polish by Thursday; I’ll definitely be using them again.

For the longest time, I wore only neutral colors, and while I now gravitate towards blues, I still love a good nude/neutral. Godiva almost perfectly matches my skin tone, which would be boring except for the polish being loaded with microglitter. When it dries to its textured matte finish, Godiva comes alive with sparkle. It’s gorgeous, and perfect for a conservative look: neutral enough to not be wild, and interesting enough to garner comments. It would be perfect for a fancy occasion, too, like a wedding, an interview, or a night at the theater.


Godiva is the perfect name for this nude color (well, nude on me, anyway).

I bought several other PixieDust colors, mostly from the original collection. The PolishAholic has lovely swatches of them all. The original collection can be seen here (I bought Chyna, Vespa, London, and Nyx in addition to Godiva), and the summer collection here (I bought Beatrix). You can see a preview of the fall 2013 collection here, and I can barely wait. I already know I want Tomoko, Chita, Sunshine, and Carter!


A slightly unfocused closeup so you can see the sparkle texture.

What do you think? The perfect polish or not?


4 thoughts on “Zoya PixieDust: Godiva

    • It’s so pretty, I can’t stand it. I love how subtle it is — I’m a sucker for sparkle, but I can’t really get away with it at work, and this is perfect!

      Thanks for commenting! ❤

        • I haven’t tried any of the OPI Liquid Sands yet. I’m kind of waiting for the fall colors, LOL.

          Oooh, yes, Stevie is so pretty, and it’s always sold out everywhere, but I would love that one too.

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