Zoya: three Satins

I love autumn. Well, except for that whole back-to-work thing. But I love the transition to cooler temperatures, apple picking, Halloween, and especially fall colors. The various fall polish collections are mostly out, except for some Halloween-specific ones, and the only one that was a must-buy for me was Zoya. I got all six Cashmeres (creme finish), three Satins (metallic finish), and four PixieDusts (textured matte finish). First up for swatching is the set of Satins.

The Fall 2013 Satins is six metallic finish shades. You can find swatches around the web of the full collection, but only three of them were begging for me to own them.

First is Channing. Zoya calls this a coppery red metallic, and their pictures make it look like a very saturated red, but in real life, Channing looks much more orange. It’s a metallic version of the exact color of some of the autumn leaves up here in New England, or a shimmery dark pumpkin. I love it. The formula was excellent, as with all Zoyas.

formul8edphrase zoya channing

2 coats Zoya Channing, no top coat

Next up is Claudine, a smoky dark grey. Again, Zoya’s website seems a bit off in color, making it look nearly black. It’s a bit lighter than that, but certainly darker than any other grey I have. This is a little edgy without being black, perfect for the cooler weather. Again, great formula.

formul8edphrase zoya claudine

2 coats Zoya Claudine, no top coat

Finally, I have Neve, a stunning navy metallic featured in nail art I did here. Ah, I love it! The shimmer makes it special, but it’s a dark enough color to feel on point for fall instead of feeling nautical. This one was practically a one-coater.

formul8edphrase zoya neve

2 thin coats Zoya Neve, Seche Vite top coat

I didn’t get Maria-Luisa, a gold flake top coat; Giovanna, an emerald; or Mason, a fuchsia, just because I wasn’t crazy about them. What do you all think of these colors? Is there something in the Zoya fall collection calling out to you?


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