Skoshbox: August

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Picture courtesy of Skoshbox

I wanted to tell everyone about a new subscription service that has nothing to do with beauty. It’s called Skoshbox! Based out of Hawaii, this service sends packages of Japanese snacks and home items each month for $12. Japanese snacks are generally a little quirky and kind of addictive; with this service you can sample different kinds each month, and if you like them, you can buy more on the Skoshbox site. It’s a random selection each month, but fortunately they upload images and descriptions of what you got, for people like me who can’t decipher the wrappers. The snacks are a mix of savory and sweet, and some are a little bizarre, but fun. I was really surprised by how much I liked the umaibo, which were kind of like Jax cheese puffs.

formul8edphrase sk0813

Skoshbox August

In addition to the snacks, you get a little cultural item. This month was chopsticks, always fun to have.

formul8edphrase sk0813 02

Goodies waiting for snacking!

Sign up before August 17 for September’s box!


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