Saturday Swatch – Zoya Ignite Fall 2014

Autumn is my favorite time of year, despite the start of school. I love the cool crispness of the air, the scents of maple, apple, cinnamon, and caramel. And I love the rich warm hues of autumn most of all.

Zoya Ignite

Image taken from

I purchased 5 of the six colors from Zoya’s new Ignite collection. I usually don’t like foils, but these are so gorgeous I couldn’t resist. I skipped Teigen because it looked too pink for me, but I may change my mind and get it later. All these polishes applied wonderfully. All are pictured here with two coats, no top coat, with the exception of Remy, which applied in one glorious coat.

Zoya Autumn

Autumn is perfectly named to capture the color of the season. Pumpkin toned with copper and gold shimmer, this color looks like New England foliage mid-fall.

Zoya India

India is a rich burgundy red with gold shimmer. So, so beautiful. This color is like luxury in a bottle.

Zoya Remy

I have dozens of blues, but Remy just shot to the top of my loves list. Deep blue with copper and gold shimmer, this color goes on beautifully. Pictures don’t even do it justice.

Zoya Sansa

When I heard Zoya would name a fall color after Game of Thrones’ most reluctant player, I knew it would be a rich, royal color worthy of the Queen in the North. A deep aubergine with gold shimmer, Sansa is ready to take her place at Littlefinger’s side and begin exacting revenge.

Zoya Yuna

I’m sure this color is named for the Olympic ice skater, but in my heart, Yuna is named for FFX’s demure summoner who shows off her wilder side in FFX-2. Charcoal grey with a subtle copper and gold shimmer, it looks greenish in the bottle but goes on true grey. The shimmer makes it stand out from other dark greys I have.

You can buy the Ignite collection at Zoya’s website and various other retailers. I bought mine on sale at

Next up: Mani Monday!


2 thoughts on “Saturday Swatch – Zoya Ignite Fall 2014

  1. Absolutely gorgeous swatches!! I thought Teigen was more pink than I expected, and have since seen several swatches where it looks more of a cranberry color. I’m going to give it another try with another (third) coat to see if it darkens a little.

    Your nails really look perfect — length, shape, condition. Major envy! 😉

    • Thank you so much! My mom told me to disclose that I was an inveterate nail-biter for, like, 33 years. 😀

      I agree that Teigen looks cranberry in some swatches (which makes me want it) and pink in others (which makes me not want it), so I don’t know. I’ll wait for a BOGO, I think. SquareHue’s Surf Gypsy satisfies my late summer cranberry needs for now.

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