Our Beauty Talk Blogger Network

Some of the lovely bloggers over at ourbeautytalk.com (beauty forums) have decided to start a blogger network, were we all post on a shared theme once a week and include a list of each other’s posts. I’m excited to join; hopefully this will make me post more often.


Week of February 23, 2015: Name one or more discontinued beauty, skincare or nail products/shades that you would bring back if you could!

My favorite flower scent is lilac. A million years ago, Bath and Body Works had a line of lilac-scented beauty products that I loved. Of course they discontinued them. I know that some products — room scents mostly — have re-emerged, but they don’t carry the lilac lotion and bath gel anymore. I bought a whole bunch of the lotions before they got discontinued and I have one left. The bottle is so old it’s yellow, but the lotion inside is still good, and smells of lilac and baby powder. Oh, I miss it!

What’s your favorite discontinued product?


Your thoughts?

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