Week 07: Cinco de Mayo


So I have to start by noting two things. First, I’m editing this post while sitting in the gorgeous spring sunshine on my patio, so I can’t properly see the colors; I hope I didn’t overcompensate for my camera’s tendency to redden my skin. Second, I suck at freehanding straight lines. I need to invest in some striping tape.

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Week 05: Inspired by a Song


I’m going to post this a day early, because I’m procrastinating my work. So, I didn’t exactly skip week 04: gradient. I took pictures before I went to visit my mother, but I failed to post on Sunday, and then, you know, I got distracted by events. And now that I’m back in MA, I realize I left my memory card at my mother’s. So. I’ll get back to that week another time; I did an ugly manicure anyway.

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