Week 07: Cinco de Mayo


So I have to start by noting two things. First, I’m editing this post while sitting in the gorgeous spring sunshine on my patio, so I can’t properly see the colors; I hope I didn’t overcompensate for my camera’s tendency to redden my skin. Second, I suck at freehanding straight lines. I need to invest in some striping tape.

In looking for inspiration, I came across this image of the Chicago, IL, Cinco de Mayo festival. I loved the pretty dresses and tried to capture the border detail for my nail design.

Image courtesy of Carlton Inn Midway.

Image courtesy of Carlton Inn Midway.

I used Color Club Mamba (Fiesta 2013 Collection) (red), SquareHue Yellow Submarine (Bloom Collection) (yellow), CC Age of Aquarius (green), Zoya Arizona (orange), and CC Insta-This (a Birchbox exclusive) (blue). Then I drew colored stripes with acrylic paints and a nail striping brush. Some of them were generally even, but I obviously need way more practice.


Also, acrylic paints don’t show up brightly over bright polish without a million coats. Or at least my Crayola paints don’t.

I sort of like this skittles mani (and it’s original skittles colors, so bonus for that!), but next time I think I’ll do the striping with polishes, not paints. And buy striping tape. Yes.


This poor clementine was just sitting in the bottom of my fridge. It was way past ripe when I ate it.. 😦

Next up, Yellow! Man, that’s a color that never looks good on me. Hopefully I’ll have a good idea before next week!


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