Birthday Party!

So last Sunday was my doggie’s birthday! He turned a whopping three years old. I joked with my students that in dog years, Gabranth is now old enough to drink, but actually he’s been a little lush since I brought him home. I usually only drink in the summertime, and every time I put down a bottle of hard cider, he’s right there, trying to stick his face in the bottle’s neck. He also enjoys tea and coffee, and I have to be careful not to leave my mugs anywhere he can reach if I need to get up for a minute.

looking good

Lookit this GQMF right here.

Everybody who meets Gabs, from groomers to vets to neighbors to my students, agrees he’s a little sweetheart. He’s curious and good-natured, snuggly and wiggly, smart and goofy. Every night around 7 PM he becomes the Crazy Train and races around my house, ducking under chairs and leaping over the coffee table (and sometimes missing and thwapping himself silly). He falls off steps and my bed when he rolls over, then bounces right back up with a comical startled look. He loves to sleep on my lap, and I always wake up at night to find one paw draped over my ankle. He gives loves like he’s paid to do it. He guards my home ferociously until someone actually comes in, and then he’s all kisses. He gets super excited when the three-year-old next door comes home and waves at him through the window. At dog day camp, he tries to hump everybody smaller than him, then gets totally freaked out when he gets humped; and seriously, everyone in dog camp wants a piece. When I’m sad, he’s distressed, and when I smile at him, his little butt wags all over the place.

So happy birthday, Judge Magister Gabranth! You’re my little guy and I love you.

As a birthday treat, I baked Gabs some doggie cupcakes that I got in a BarkBox ages ago. I tried one — definitely not for human beings! but Gabranth loved them.

cupcake 01

Why you so mean? Let me eat the cupcake!

cupcake 02

*sigh* Are you done taking pictures?

cupcake 03

FINALLY! omnomnomnoms
(Notice he took it out ON THE CARPET. Thanks, dog.)


One thought on “Birthday Party!

  1. Happy Birthday Gabs! He really is the sweetest, most snuggly, most adorable little guy. I just want to squeeze him and love him all the time ❤

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