Birthday Party!

So last Sunday was my doggie’s birthday! He turned a whopping three years old. I joked with my students that in dog years, Gabranth is now old enough to drink, but actually he’s been a little lush since I brought him home. I usually only drink in the summertime, and every time I put down a bottle of hard cider, he’s right there, trying to stick his face in the bottle’s neck. He also enjoys tea and coffee, and I have to be careful not to leave my mugs anywhere he can reach if I need to get up for a minute.

looking good

Lookit this GQMF right here.

Read more about my adorable Judge Magister: more pics!

October Barkbox

I subscribe to Birchbox, a mail-order service where I pay $10 a month and get a selection of beauty samples delivered to my door. It’s been working out well so far: it satisfies my beauty addiction at low cost, and I’ve been able to use most of the samples (I don’t as a rule enjoy getting scent samples, especially when they seem to be picked for a teenage girl). When I found out that a similar service catered to dogs, I couldn’t resist pampering my little guy. It’s fairly expensive ($100 for a 6-month subscription), but part of the sales go to helping shelter dogs, and I can easily spend that much money on my peanut in one trip to the pet store. My first, eagerly awaited Barkbox arrived today, and Gabranth and I unpacked it together.

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