Week 06: Polka Dots

06 - polka dots

I love this mani so much. The only reason I took it off was because all the Zoyas I purchased in the 50% off sale arrived and I couldn’t hold out. But I really love how this design came out; it reminds me of the oxford shoes I wore in grade school — not that I enjoyed grade school or those shoes, but I like the pattern on my nails!

I started with two coats of OPI’s Don’t Pretzel My Buttons (2013 Germany Collection), which is a perfect nude for my skin tone. Once it dried, I applied round hole reinforcements to my nails in varying places and painted around them in China Glaze’s First Mate (2012 Anchors Away), a perfect true nautical navy blue. I love these colors together: dark blue and cream are only superseded by light blue and brown for me, and I’m already planning to redo this mani in CG For Audrey and Zoya Angelina.

polka dots 01

I peeled the reinforcements off while the polish was still wet to get a crisp line, but that caused some minor smudging. So the dots help to hide that while adding interest. I used the larger end of a dotting tool to make navy dots in the cream color, and the smaller end to make cream dots in the navy color. On my ring finger I reversed that for a subtle accent, with the cream dots larger and the navy smaller.

polka dots 02

I copied the pattern on my other hand, but it got a little smudged when I put on top coat. Oh well. Also, I love that my Seche Vite makes my nails so shiny you can see the reflection out the window behind me in my nails. That’s some intense shine.

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