SquareHue June: SoBe Collection (p3)

Holy smokes, guys, I have 30 followers! I think that’s more than I’ve ever had on any blog, even when I was semi-fandom-famous. 😀 Thank you all so much!

Here’s my final manicure for the June SquareHue SoBe Collection. You can see swatches at The Silver Nail, and see the art I did with the first color here and the second color here. The final color I used was Collins Avenue.


3rd color: Collins Avenue, with OPI’s Tomorrow Never Dies

I’m not a huge fan of neons, since I find them difficult to work with, but this one changed my tune. Over a coat of plain stark white (Sally Hansen X-treme Wear in White On, my go-to one coat white), Collins Ave shows up a bright, even orange-coral with a hint of gold shimmer that was more apparent when the polish was wet. As with other neons, this is a jelly-like formula that dries to a semi-matte finish. I only did one coat over the white, but I probably would have needed two over a bare nail.


I color-corrected a bit for the orange to show truly.

I love this color so hard, because it make my pale skin look like I have a tan (although not in the pictures, alas)! Similar to butter LONDON’s Trout Pout, which Becca calls the best pedicure color ever, this color would look amazing on toes. It’s more orange than Trout Pout (which I have on my toes right now, for comparison), and brighter-hued.

For this manicure, I added a fishtail of OPI’s Tomorrow Never Dies from the 2012 Skyfall collection. Swatches on the web make it look bluer than it is; I have it classified as purple in my collection. I like how the shimmer in TND contrasts the matte finish of the Collins Ave. I left off top coat completely, to showcase the difference in the finishes.


Lighting makes it look paler in this image.

So that’s this month’s SquareHue. May was disappointing, but June made up for it, in my opinion. July is called the Salute Collection, with images of a flag, an army soldier in the desert, and a marine training troops in camp. I swear to you, I’m 90% sure the marine is my friend from high school, with whom I’ve lost touch. Creeper that I am, I just emailed SquareHue to find out. Wouldn’t that be crazy if it were actually my old friend?


2 thoughts on “SquareHue June: SoBe Collection (p3)

  1. Skyfall definitely looks like a blue in your pictures. I love the fishtail pattern – is this a preview of this week’s under the sea theme? 😉

    Congratulations on 30 followers!

    • It looked like blue on the plastic nail swatch in the store, too, but I swear it’s purple. At least to me, anyway. I also have trouble distinguishing blues and greens in my polishes and blue and black in fabric — which is awesome when I try to get dressed in the dark during winter.

      LOL, I wouldn’t want to step on your mermaid-scale toes, bb!

      Thank you; I’m sort of happily stunned. 😀

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