Memebox Review – Superbox #41: My Cute Wishlist

Yesterday I received a bundle from Memebox: My Cute Wishlist Superbox and Cleansing Special Box. First, I’ll review the My Cute Wishlist. It’s sold out, as is the re-release My Cute 2, but check the links occasionally. This box was so popular, I’m sure Memebox will reissue/restock it soon. And one thing that’s never lacking in Korean beauty products is cute packaging!

My Cute Box

Memebox is a Korean Beauty mystery box. They generally release new boxes each week; some are themed and others miscellaneous products. All items are Korean, usually lesser-known brands. Boxes range in price (starting usually at $23 USD) and standard shipping (which takes a couple of weeks) is $6.99 USD per box ordered (so if you order two boxes, it’s $13.98 for shipping). Boxes are usually pre-ordered to be shipped at a later date, although they do have some ready to ship now.

Memebox products come packaged in a sturdy pink cardboard box with crumpled tissue paper for padding. The box then comes in either a pink bubblewrap mailer or a shipping box if multiple boxes are shipping at once. The products are usually arranged neatly and are often sealed by the manufacturer.

Pure Smile Neco Punch Point Pad – Hibiscus and Lemongrass (17mL each)
“Enriched with vitamin E, collagen, hyaluronic acid, arbutin, hibiscus and lemon grass extracts, and works to moisturize and control excess sebum and secretions to maintain a healthy balance in your skin.”

Spot patches

These are the same product featured in the Vitamin Box (reviewed here), but with cute cat-paw designs instead of fruit. I thought the fruit was cute, too. I like these little spot patches (I have one on a hormonal zit while I’m typing this, along with the Panda Eyes patches from the Fermented Box I’ll be reviewing next week), so I’m glad to have two more packages. Each set has several pads (I didn’t count exactly, but maybe 10-15), so I’m covered for awhile.

a;t fox Moisturizing Gel Cream Gyoolpy Tea, Lifting Cream Black Tea, and Whitening Capsule Cream Jasoyup Herb Tea (10 mL each)
“High concentrates of Vitamin C from Gyoolpy Tea deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin, leaving a refreshing, lasting glow. With its softly melting texture, the Black Tea Cream will guarantee you a healthy, younger-looking complexion with high resilience and firmness. The Whitening Capsule Cream removes uneven dark spots on your skin and helps create clearer and naturally glowing skin tone.”


So these little cupcakes are adorable. Memebox lists these as full size, but full size is really 50mL, so I don’t know what’s up with the product card. I think it’s awesome they sent all three, though. There’s some overlap in the results these creams promise, so I think any one of the three would be enough to purchase full size. I’m totally going to refill the cupcakes with hand cream and keep them on my desk when I run out of the original products.

Beauty People Snow White Special Edition Season 2
“Mix and match five different eye colors for adding more depth and vibrancy to your eyes. These cream-type eye liners boast minute-size glitter pearls, waterproof formula, and a long lasting finish.”

Snow White eye liners

First of all, they aren’t kidding about long lasting. I swatched these a few hours ago, washed my arm (with water and regular soap) three times since, and the three darkest colors are still going strong, with the two lightest colors still faintly visible. The packaging is obviously cool, with a badass Snow White pouting on the front of the sturdy tin. Memebox threw in a little pencil sharpener, which is nice. The colors are great fall neutrals, with strong shimmer. Application was smooth with no skipping. I’m a sucker for eye liners, so I’m happy to add these into my stash.

Eye liner swatch

From left to right: Glimmer Black, Glimmer Brown, Glimmer Bronze, Glimmer Gold, Glimmer Beige

Etude Missing U Hand Cream (30mL)
“Enriched with organic olive oil and shea butter, Etude’s adorable Missing U Hand Cream comes in four different scents – floral, green tea, baby powder, and peach. Also, it contains no parabens, sulfates, ethanol, or artificial coloring, and is extremely gently and nourishing to skin.”

Penguin hand cream

OMG PENGIN! I’ve wanted this little guy for months, so I’m so excited the random selection put him in my box! I love penguins, okay? This hand cream is wonderfully nourishing and keeps my hands soft for hours. I use it obsessively at work (I had bought the peach Panda a while ago). The scent is clear but not overpowering, and fades after about ten minutes, although you can still smell it if you hold your hand up to your nose.

Pure Smile Muddy Girl – Charcoal (15g)
“A wash-off type mud pack made from naturally derived ingredients such as clay mud, and charcoal. It works to soothe, purify, and moisturize the skin, preventing possible dehydration and surface roughening.”

Charcoal mask

Have I ever mentioned that I love masks? I LOVE THEM. I could spend all day with different masks on my face, but my face would probably run away. While I dig sheet masks for no-fuss pampering, nothing beats feeling a clay mask dry on my face, tingling my skin and making it feel fresh and super clean. I’m really looking forward to trying this, and I know I can get them on (’cause I already looked, lol).

Etude Sweet Recipe Candy Stick – Sour Lemon Candy (2g)
“Enriched with bilberry, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange and lemon extracts, the Sweet Recipe Candy Stick is a gloss type lip tint that moisturizes and plumps up your dry, chapped lips for a long-lasting radiance.”

Lip Balm

If you’ve tried Maybelline’s Baby Lips balms, you’ll have a good idea what this product is like: a lip balm with a sheer hint of color. This is a nice product, but I kind of wish the packaging weren’t quite so twee, since I envision that hook getting caught on everything in my bag.

Kocostar Split End Therapy (8mL)
“Contains 8 types of amino acid complex which work to prevent hair breakage and static electricity. It’s specifically formulated to instantly repair split ends and protect hair from any future damages. You don’t need to wash it off after application.”

Hair mask

So this is one of those things designed for long straight hair, which I don’t have. The application involves putting your hair up in a ponytail, dipping the tail into the bag full of essence, and holding it all together with the cute little hair tie. Since my hair isn’t long enough for that, I might give this away. It’ll probably work with a plastic bag wrapped around my head too, so I could try that.

Overall, I’ll use almost all the products in this box, and I do love all the cute packaging! I’m glad I ordered this box and wish I had managed to get my hands on My Cute 2.

$5 off orders over $100 – AFFILIATE-9833-3488Y-VBYN
$10 off orders over $150 – AFFILIATE-2632-U4F4W-XGMS

All links and codes on this page are affiliate links, for which I receive commission. All products featured in this review were purchased by me.

Next up: Saturday Swatch!


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