Mani Monday – Cocoa

So, I’m on a diet. This isn’t anything new, but I’m really trying to watch what I eat so I can drop a few before the winter holidays. One thing I’m craving is chocolate, so I’ve been buying a bunch of skincare products with chocolate in them to tide me over. I decided to do a cocoa-colored manicure too. Just so you all know, it’s not helping my choco-craving one bit. 🙂

cocoa nails

I used three shades from the Zoya Naturel Deux collection that came out recently. These pretty transitional shades consist of three brown tones and three rose tones that seem to work great for most skin tones and are perfect for conservative workplaces. I’m lucky in that I can wear anything on my nails I want, but I’ve always been drawn to neutrals, so I picked up the whole set.

For this manicure, I used Spencer (light brown), Chanelle (medium brown), and Emilia (dark brown – I think the exact color of Emilia Clarke’s eyebrows, lol). I applied Spencer first, then went over it with the other colors on a sponge to form a gradient. I didn’t make it transition well, because I don’t do gradients too often, so I tried to hide it with a coat of butter LONDON Tart with a Heart, a pale gold glitter.

cocoa nails 2

They looked good from far away, but up close I could see how crappy my gradient was. Oh well; I’ll keep trying.

In the meantime, if you liked Memebox’s Cacao box (reviewed here), they just released version two, called Chocolate Mania. Go get it before it’s gone!

This post contains an affiliate link. All products were purchased by me.

Up next: more Memebox reviews


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