Saturday Swatch – Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag September 2014

Finally, RH decided to move on from the pinks and develop some darker colors for the changing season!


Rainbow Honey is an indie nail brand that produces a lot of glitter toppers, but also full coverage colors, scented top coats, cuticle balms, and other beauty products. They have a mystery bag with three polish items and a few other goodies each month. The smaller size bag (enough for two or three manicures with each bottle of polish) is $10 USD and the larger size (15mL) is $25. Orders from Rainbow Honey tend to take a little while to process, but shipping itself has been relatively quick. If you spend $50 in their store you get the monthly limited edition polish free, and if you spend $65 you get that and a small mystery bag free.

The non-nail polish items in this month’s bag include a body balm, lotion, and soap in the fragrance Pomme Rouge. It smells like a combination of apples and berries, like powder and fruit. I like it, and it lingers nicely on my skin. The formula of the lotion is non-greasy, and the balm applies thicker and more like a treatment.

Sugarberries is a red shimmer base with dark red, silver, and gold glitters. I really like this color! I showed it here as three thin coats and got opaque coverage, but I think I’ll try one coat over a dark red or plum polish for a more layered effect.


Salacia is a bright green jelly with green flecks and silver triangles. I’m not a huge fan of this polish, simply because I’m not a big fan of bright green. I wore it here as three layers and it’s very see-through, so this one requires undies. I’m actually giving this polish away, because I just don’t seem myself ever wearing it.


Asteroid B is a navy blue shimmer with silver and gold stars and little holo squares. Again, on it’s own it’s very sheer, but I layered it today over Zoya Natty and it’s really lovely, like a night sky. The purplish-red iridescence really shows up over undies and in the sunlight.

three coats, no undies

three coats, no undies

one coat over Zoya Natty

one coat over Zoya Natty

RH offered two Limited Edition polishes this month: the yellow-squash colored Calabaza (which means melon), and the red-brown Apple Peel, which is what I chose. It’s a darker red with a strong brown-gold shimmer, just like fall apples with cinnamon. I love this color, and while it’s not as rich as, say, Zoya India, I think I’ll wear it often. I can never have too many reds.


The September mystery bag is still available on Rainbow Honey, so if you’re interested, pick it up!

Next up: Mani Monday!


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