Memebox Review – Special #30: Tea Cosmetics

I love tea. Actually, I love anything with caffeine, because when I arrive at work at 7am or earlier, I need a crowbar to pry my eyes open and I only have fifteen minutes to get my energy up before kids start asking me questions. Tea comes in so many wonderful flavors (drinking apple spice chai right now), that I could have my paycheck sent directly to Teavana and be happy. Tea also makes a great skincare ingredient, and Memebox put a nice selection of products in this box.

Memebox Tea

Memebox is a Korean Beauty mystery box. They generally release new boxes each week; some are themed and others miscellaneous products. All items are Korean, usually lesser-known brands. Boxes range in price (starting usually at $23 USD) and standard shipping (which takes a couple of weeks) is $6.99 USD per box ordered (so if you order two boxes, it’s $13.98 for shipping). Boxes are usually pre-ordered to be shipped at a later date, although they do have some ready to ship now.

Memebox products come packaged in a sturdy pink cardboard box with crumpled tissue paper for padding. The box then comes in either a pink bubblewrap mailer or a shipping box if multiple boxes are shipping at once. The products are usually arranged neatly and are often sealed by the manufacturer.

e choice Fermented Tea Skin Drinks Sleeping Pack (70g)
“Infused with jasmine, rose, chamomile, green tea, and white tea extracts, this sleeping pack boasts its oriental tea complex that works to deliver deep nutrition, moisture, and soothing effect overnight.”


This sleeping pack requires a rinse off the next morning. The anti-inflammatory extracts calm redness and puffiness (unless, of course, you’re allergic to rose or jasmine), and it provides good moisture to leave my skin feeling soft and plump in the morning. It smells floral, but not overpoweringly so. As soothing as a cup of Peach Tranquility before bedtime.

A;T FOX Tea Toc Water Clear Tablet (4g)
“This water clear tablet will make your daily cleansing routine an entirely new experience. When the tablet melts in warm water, the water is transferred into pH 4.9 which is basically the best condition for the skin. The green tea extracts from the tablet will then detox and soothe your skin to its potential.”


Rather than waste product and water, I’ll combine the ingredients (including the bits of loose tea) in a spray bottle so it can be used more than once. I have to go to Target and pick up some empty spritzer bottles first. 🙂 I kind of like the DIY nature of this product, but only because I only have to prepare it once and it’s good for several uses. If I had to prepare it every morning, I’d never use it, because I’m wicked lazy. As bracing as a strong Earl Grey at breakfast.

A;T FOX Gyoolpy Tea Fresh Water (100mL)
“A facial mist made from mineral water and vitamin-rich tangerine peel tea highly prized for its moisturizing and brightening effect. Replenish, soothe, and refresh with a quick spritz whenever and wherever.”


This spray feels so light and hydrating! It smells sweet, but not cloyingly so, and the fragrance dissipates almost immediately. I’ve only used it a couple of times so far, so I can’t speak to the long-term effects, but it makes a great refreshing mist used throughout the day to perk up skin and makeup. Also, aaaaaah, that cutie-patootie packaging! Sweet as a mug of CocoCaramel Sea Salt in the afternoon.

The Skin House Lavender Lightening Emulsion (120mL)
“Infused with lavender tea complex, it works to smooth out roughened skin texture, deliver deep nutrition and moisture, and brighten up the skin tone all in one.”


First, this is an enormous bottle! Like, the size of a hairspray aerosol (it’s a pump mist, though, not an aerosol). It smells softly like lavender, and gently hydrates my skin. This is a spray emulsion, not a refresh mist, so it’s nicely suited for use before a thicker cream moisturizer in the winter as a second moisture layer. Since it’s lavender, I’ll use it before bed, as lavender aromatherapy promotes sleep and relaxation. As relaxing as a sip of Lavender Dreams before going to sleep.

A-TRUE Miniature Set + Black Tea Bag
This set comes packaged in a cylindrical tin and contains five sample products and a sample of black tea in a muslin bag. This would make a great gift, but screw that, I’m greedy and keeping it for myself. As refreshing as a drink of Samurai Chai Matte after lunch.


A-TRUE Sweet Song One step Cleansing Water (20mL)
“Black tea blended from verbena leaves and orange blossoms. Over 87% of this make-up remover is the Sweet Song blend, and this is highly rich in minerals and vitamins and effective in softening and purifying the skin.”

A-TRUE Vanilla Black Tea Day Relief Body Wash (20mL)
“Ceylon Vanille black tea is often used as a stress reliever and consists of uncurled tea shoot, two young leaves in the process of budding, and rich vanilla.”

A-TRUE Himalaya Black Tea Watery Gel Cream (15g)
“Made from Darjeeling blend cultivated in the Himalaya highlands and well acknowledged for it’s strong vitality. Recommended for dry skin types since its water-like texture instantly melts into the skin and delivers deep hydration and rejuvenation to dry and sun-damaged skin for a healthier, more glowing complexion.”

A-TRUE White Snow Tea Brilliant Essence (20mL)
“Blended from snow buds which are considered extremely precious since they can only be cultivated once or twice every year. Rich in polyphenol, which works to deliver vitality to skin and suppress formation of blemishes and freckles.”

A-TRUE Black Tea All Day Long Sun Cream SPF50+PA+++(10g)
“A harmonious mix of black tea, orange peels, and cinnamon, acknowledged for its skin soothing and moisturizing formula.”

I really love all these products, and I should have purchased another box for gift giving (or hording!).

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Next up: Saturday Swatch!


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