Snow Day Swatch: Zoya Naturel Satins for Spring 2015

Since I’m homebound today, I have a little time in my grading vortex to show you the new Zoya transitional collection. I have all three of the Naturel collections; I think they’re lovely and versatile shades. Satin and matte finishes are definitely the trend for spring, with Essie also releasing a matte finish collection in shades very similar to the Zoya Naturel Satins (so if you don’t have a Zoya retailer close by, check your local drugstore when the Essies come out).

Zoya Satins 2015

The formula for satins is always a little tricky: there are quick-drying ingredients that help produce that semi-matte finish, and they can make the polish feel a little thick on the brush and apply a little patchy on the nail. Add that to light colors and an inability to use topcoat to smooth out application, and it takes a little practice to get these colors to lay nicely and evenly. Go slowly and allow each thin coat to dry before you apply the next (about 30 seconds or so).

Zoya Satins Ana

Ana is a “toasted almond” color, similar to last year’s Taylor, but in the semi-matte finish. It’s almost mannequin hands on me in natural lighting, and is a great palette cleanser after all the darks I wear in winter. This would make a fantastic base for nail art, if I were feeling that ambitious. Maybe if my current illness (a double ear infection) goes away.

Zoya Satins Brittany

Brittany is a lovely “rose mauve” that looks like last spring’s Rue in a satin finish. I thought Rue was the standout in the 2014 Naturel collection, and I think Brittany is the stand out in this one. It’s a soft, wearable neutral shade, very feminine, but the satin finish gives it a softer look that keeps it from being boring. Such a pretty color, and my favorite right now.

Zoya Satins Tove

Tove is a “misty slate grey” that is more grey than it looks in the bottle. I thought this would be bluer on the nail, so I’m actually a little disappointed in it. I think this color will lean more blue or grey depending on what I wear; since I mostly wear black, grey, and blue, that makes this a great color to go with my entire wardrobe.

Zoya Satins Sage

Sage is obviously a sage green, and is also a little disappointing to me. I expected it to be a bit lighter in hue on the nail, which would have been really pretty. I do like this color anyway; it’s like a lighter satin finish version of Evvie, with that same grey-green mossy look.

Zoya Satins Rowan

Rowan is what Zoya calls a “suede taupe,” a description that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, since suede can be dyed any color. But whatever. It’s a pretty tan-grey, the darkest of the tan colors in the set and a nice neutral. This color would probably look better (and more nude) on darker and cooler skin tones. It also would make a good base for some nail art, and I think I’d rather do that than wear it by itself.

Zoya Satins Leah

Leah is a lavender leaning grey that shows up more lavender than I expected on the nail. It’s really lovely and my second favorite in this collection. Fun fact: I was wearing this shade when I went to the Minute Clinic last week to find out what was brewing in my head, and the super-nice NP loved the color. We got to talking about tips for quick drying top coat (my fave is currently Poshe) and how to use nail wraps. She said, “I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, but I’m so glad you came in and could tell me all this!” You’re so welcome, but my ears are still full of fluid, so I may be seeing you again, NP.

Overall, despite the colors not exactly being what I expected from the promotional images, I do love this collection. I haven’t worn any of them long enough to report on how well they stay without topcoat, but I change my nail polish too often for that to matter much.

What do you think? Will you be picking up any of these soft spring shades?


2 thoughts on “Snow Day Swatch: Zoya Naturel Satins for Spring 2015

    • Zoya has so many shades of neutral that if you’re not a fan of satins, you can easily find another finish that you enjoy better. I like these, but the formula is just difficult enough that if you’re not in love with them, creams are a better choice.

      Thanks for commenting!

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