Mani Monday: Holo with Dots

Another snow day! This is getting ridiculous, but it gives me time to update, and my dog Gabranth is thrilled I’m home.


I finally bought polish from I Love Nail Polish, which has some gorgeous holographic and multichromatic colors. On my nails is the amazing silver holo MEGA, which doesn’t show its brilliance in these photos because of the lighting. Oh, how I wish I could afford better lights for photography, but then I’d have to stop buying polish for awhile. đŸ˜€


I added some dots in Zoya Willa for contrast in a really simple pattern. I thought this looked striking — Gabranth says you can’t go wrong with silver and black — and in the sunlight, I couldn’t stop staring at the holo.


The above picture, in a different light, shows a little of what this polish really looks like. If you could only own one silver holo in your life, I would recommend this one. I wish my camera could have captured its magic better.

What holos do you recommend?


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