Mani Monday – Berry Fire

Today I have some simple as dirt nail art that looks really amazing because of the incredible polish I used.

formul8edphrase zoya riley

I started with Zoya Riley, which is a gorgeous berry color that’s in the perfect spot between red and pink. I love this color so much; it goes great with my skin and coloring. It’s tart without being in your face, just like a raspberry.

To it, I added a stripe of ILNP Electric Carnival. OMG this polish. It’s a holographic flakie polish that has opaque coverage in three or four light coats. It has a base color almost the exact same shade as Riley, but flashes through red, pink, orange, yellow, and even green as the light hits it. It’s astounding. And ILNP just released a holographic sparkle version of it that is no doubt extra gorgeous.


My camera couldn’t even try to capture all the colors of this polish.


What do you think? Is this something you’d wear, or is it too much for you?


Your thoughts?

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